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Símbolo de luta e resistência, a CasaNem é o que chamamos de lar. Ajude a manter um espaço para LGBTIA+s em situação de vulnerabilidade.


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Sobre o Projeto

Symbol of struggle and resistance, CasaNem, in Rio de Janeiro, is what we can call home. It is here where transgender community find shelter, support and even a new family to call their own. Through workshops, debates, parties and concerts, we empower socially vulnerable queer people. It is important to note that in this environment we value the self-esteem of those who are constantly the target of prejudice and rejection, largely expelled from home as soon as they reveal their gender identity. CasaNem is where minimum rights can be guaranteed, and where many people find reasons to move on with a smile on their faces. It is where freedom is applauded.

The project includes "PreparaNem", a pre-university entrance exam that started in 2015, and today spreads throughout Brazil. "KuzinhaNem", which promotes training as a kitchen assistant for transgender women and men, and non-binary people, has already trained students in the Cooking and Voice courses, designed by Paola Carosella. Another project is "CosturaNem", a cutting and sewing course that prepares our residents to manufacture exclusive pieces. The initiatives are part of a broader strategy to promote opportunities for everyone to have access to work in conditions of freedom, equity, security and dignity.

According to Indianarae Siqueira, creator of the pre-university entrance project, many students had housing problems, so the actions needed to be expanded. - "Some students were in shelters with precarious conditions and others suffered violence from their own families."

Today we are a non-governmental, ovo-lacto-vegetarian institution, and in 2020 we finally got a permanent headquarters in the Flamengo neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro, welcoming around 60 people, and also serving the socially vulnerable community around the house.

The amount collected will be used for the fixed maintenance bills for the building and the project, distributed in the following areas: infrastructure, logistics and production, hygiene and cleaning, food and administration.

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